Cropping // Experimenting with the Inclusion of Text

Following on from my new intension of fewer, but stronger visual images for the project, I decided to split my image-in-progress in two. The graphic shapes of the trees extending into both halves – I felt – were better appreciated at this more scaled perspective. Splitting the image also allowed me to play with how to suggest my narrative over a ‘two-panel’ variation. Arranging the duo to be viewed in an order allowed me to consider the clarity in delivering my narrative. Applying the slice/chevron shape to the primary, upper image gave a subtle introductory hint to the story I was creating. When paired with my proposed image of a figure, I felt it would help give the right ‘sense’. You notice the element of interest first, the gleaming crescent of white:

‘the light they obtain is as bright as day’.

I also played with applying the text but felt it wasn’t necessarily needed, especially when submitting to the Batsford Prize as that required an accompanying explanation as part of the entry. The less direct ‘allude’ to the narrative felt more appropriate and would also allow room for individual interpretation.

tree hugger higher dpi upper with text
inclusion of text, unpursued

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