Tree Hugger // Photoshop Experimentation

As I progressed with my digital experimentation with my drawings, I began to see strength in them as full images on their own. I considered my originally proposed idea of a sequential ‘comic’ with a larger series of single images was one I no longer felt applicable – I engaged in my openness and freedom to make changes for my transient approach to the production of my work. I worked extensively upon creating my narrative through simplifying my ideas to create fewer images of greater strength to push forward. I saw the benefit of improving and perfecting my successful individual images that were beginning to take form.

tree hugger play2

Perfecting my images took a little time however as placing my figurative drawings within my mysterious forested scene felt like it just wasn’t working to start with. It felt forced and I began to get distracted by the strength of my recent pencil studies with the digital colouring experiments. They did not, however, deliver my narrative concept and so I pushed forward with my main image in progress featuring the ‘washed-out’ trees and figure. I was determined on getting it right and felt it was pinnacle to delivering my narrative. I experimented with applying colour and added details. Something still wasn’t working with the figure and I felt uncomfortable and impatient, almost to the point of giving up altogether…

tree hugger higher dpi lower


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