Continued Work // Future Collab Possibility & Plans

Still taken from ‘Badlands’

My collaborator and I really enjoyed working together and really kicked off a partnership we were keen to continue on, even after the Ampersand project was over. We made plans to carry on keeping each other updated on our work. Ella created her own Instagram account for sharing her short poems and wanted to continue using my artwork as a visual to go alongside and compliment the posts. Happy to do this for her as a credited artist, I agreed it was a good opportunity to support each other’s ongoing practice.

@ellalouisewrites on Instagram

I was also keen to involve her in my future work, my idea of development of the INTO_VERDE Journal could allow and benefit from writing contributions from a new source. Similar to Ella sharing and publishing my work on her Instagram, I could publish her work within my prospective publications…

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 14.43.14
INTO_VERDE Journal 0.1 from BA3a

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