Ampersand Exhibition // Work In Space

I had envisioned my work being hung a different way to the ‘set’ option of bulldog clips upon the red wire. I felt it detracted from my aesthetic and I had made my own contextual research and experimentation into kakejiku / japanese hanging artwork. Using the balsa wood panels and loosely tacking my prints upon them with glue dots allowed me to cleanly and temporarily present my work in a new and aesthetically complimenting way. It allowed my prints and zines a separation from the potentially distracting work of others and gave it more individuality. Having my own space also meant I was able to use my own lamp to personally back-light my work as I’d hoped to experiment with. In place with back-lighting and the red ambient lighting, my work within the private view show had a subtle impact which suited our mood and theme of the content of work itself.

My zines were presented laid upon the table and somewhat loosely sealed  – perhaps presenting them in a way to encourage more interaction and reading would have enabled them better appreciated. I could maybe have placed them upon stands, so they were upright or at a higher level so people didn’t have to stoop to pick them up.


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