Creating Jungle ‘Scene’

I also applied a method of simplifying my material through a collage process. I split apart researched imagery in order to separate and engage in a more playful technique of creating a new fictionalised location. My reference images, typical of a jungle scene, were crowded with the organic shapes and this method helped me to focus my attention and not be so distracted by all the elements. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to both create a new, simplified composition to draw from, but also play digitally with colour layers and textures in Photoshop…


Using a limited colour palette of Teal and Flat Gold (swatched from the Risograph studio Exit Press website) to my layers, I used Brush and Layer styles to apply a textured look inspired by Risograph. The colours selected felt appropriate to combine, producing a halcyon variety of green and warm hues to suggest my organic and spiritual concept. This was a pinnacle moment in deciding a rough colour palette to my follow-up imagery, including a range of organic greens and more illustrious gold.

collage play texture exp.jpg


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