Simplifying: Separating Elements

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I was beginning to find the larger, more complex jungle scenes difficult to produce to the strength I wanted. There was something I wasn’t quite connecting with in my drawings – I especially felt the composition and inclusion of elements needed assessing. I decided I needed to try out a new approach to the suggestion of a place/location – in this case, the jungle at night.

Inspired by the graphic prints of Merijn Hos & Alessandro Cripsta, I thought about images working separately in a more simplified format. I considered this an opportunity to push my work into a more colourful and exciting direction, possibly applying gradients, repeated patterns and shapes with the vision of the potential for my own print work. Taking elements and ‘symbols’ within my narrative I reflected… what directly speaks my narrative?

Moon / Light

Plants – rubber leaves – undergrowth – washed out branches

Hands – ‘obtaining’ – extracting

Drips & Chevrons- white arches, slices, crescent <<< Connections to Moon




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