Tutorial // Next Steps for Development & Batsford Prize Submission

My tutorial allowed me to assess my research and ideas and make decisions for the next stage of development. Realising my deadline for submission for the Batsford Prize, I wanted to really delve into creating artwork for my narrative. Through our discussion we drew upon particularly nice visual elements to my image research (above) and potential ideas for both image and text application from my references – thinking about scale and the extent of the inclusion. I made realisations with my tutor about how the quality of line in my ink drawings felt appropriate to explore in this next stage – making confident drawings at a larger scale.  I considered taking and drawing from the cropped photos and lines of text as well as implement my desire for mixed media and a looser method using ink.

Working a mixed media would allow texture and potential for variation to translate in colour layers. I still have intentions of reproducing my work using Risograph and with a limited colour palette as it proved to refine and control my eye in previous work. It would also allow me to consider the layering of elements of my illustrations – relating to other applicable print methods of screenprint.

full palms

I was encouraged to write myself a brief for the Batsford Prize and give myself more limitations to help drive my project to an outcome I was happy to submit…


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