Print Surface Discovery & Display Concept Idea

While in the process of preparing for and making my screen printed artwork, I made breakthroughs in my consideration for display at the exhibition event. I discovered various materials and display possibilities within the uni shop which excited my interest and felt coherent with my research and inspiration.

I not only decided to print upon printmaking paper but also a super light and sheer paper, Japanese Lens Tissue. It felt like an appropriate media surface to print upon, adding something ethereal and connected to the associations with transience within the context of the work. It also had a texture and slight sheen to it which felt comparable to the silk and paper panelled ink wash paintings of my research. Experimenting with the interplay of ink on different surfaces felt particularly appropriate in terms of my personal practice exploration into printed matter.

I also came across Balsa Wood Sheets in short strips which were super lightweight and I instantly pictured them as being a frame or support to hang/apply my printed work to…


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