‘Awkward Melancholy’//Sketchbook Drawings

In order for my photo reference and ink drawings to actively fit together in my idea for separate print and publication elements for the final exhibition, I decided to make drawings of the particular images I had picked out. The drawings clearly showed a relation to my previous work and calligraphic influence, illustrating a sort of ‘awkward melancholy’ which felt appropriate for our concept. Although pleased with how my approach to drawing these elements looked, I did not feel they were strong enough to use within my zine idea. I felt uncertain they best suited the format and were the best accompaniment for the textual elements of the poetry…

scaled crop4

In contrast, the photos themselves worked nicely as they were and I figured I could make them compliment my ink drawing developments through playing digitally with the colours. Perhaps adding a purple hue would aid the connection between my anticipated print work and the photo/text zine. I also had thoughts about how applying a layer of screen print and hand-binding to my zine could aid the handmade, tactile aesthetic to fit alongside my prints. I was worried about my photo zine being printed purely through digital methods as it might have looked too separate from the other work, but these handmade applications would help blend them together…


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