Batsford Prize // Intentions

This year’s Batsford Prize is well suited to my artwork intentions for my BA3b practice and so, as a primary direction/aim for the first part of my personal work for the unit, I engaged in plans to enter the competition. It would also apply myself to particular professional preparation development that would prove as practice following graduation. Its deadline of the 4th April gives me a window to experiment and create some visuals to submit following the initial ‘Ampersand’ project for this unit…

Batsford Website

Batsford has been publishing books for art students, professionals and enthusiasts since it was established in 1843. Over the last 170 years, Batsford has developed an enviable reputation in the areas of fashion, design, art and textiles.

I can submit:

Up to 5 digital images of the work
OR a digital version of a picture book/graphic novel
OR a video (you can either send us a URL for viewing the video online or send us the video via file transfer e.g. WeTransfer or Dropbox

AND a supporting statement of up to 500 words (to be included on the entry form).

‘We are looking for entries that show innovative and well-crafted interpretations of nature in terms of subject or materials used, or a combination of the two. The work should reveal something about nature and our relationship to it.’

Although my general proposal for my final INTO_VERDE publication could directly feed my competition submission, I decided to focus more specifically on my newly proposed ‘Bright Light’ idea. I had plans to potentially use this sub-project as part of my final publication. However, for the immediate target of the Batsford Prize, I decided to focus more specifically just on the content of this particular ‘Bright Light’ idea.

Using my AIMTP reference material as a starting concept and inspiration, I hope to extend my practice of drawing using mixed media, possibly at a larger scale and implementing digital effects to produce the imagery for my work.

Things to consider: How could I potentially involve the subject/content of my work to influence the medium I use? e.g. could I use rubber/latex? What were the previous winners like? Who is judging? How can my work be innovative?


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