‘Bright Light’ Comic Idea

text extract

This extract from the same reference material as my AIMTP Zine  felt incredibly visual and I had begun preparations and ideas for a potential creative direction at the end of my BA3a unit. This section of text from the type-written letter described the tapping of rubber from the trees, a process which – upon researching further – really interested me. The letter’s author portrayed the extraction of the white sap of the tree in an almost ritualistic way, the tapping being connected to light. His narration describes the moonlight during the early morning tapping by the locals as being as bright as the daylight:

‘The light they obtain is as bright, within its zone, as day.’

I began to see comparison between the bright light of the moon/sun and the bright white sap of the rubber trees – the tappers ‘obtaining light’ from the rubber trees using their specialist tools. I began to visualise an imagined alternative narrative where the tappers go out into the dark night to extract light from the trees. An obscure and spiritualistic play on the original text, it initially felt disconnected to my existing ideas for my INTO_VERDE publication, but upon reflection it felt too interesting an idea to miss and deeply connected to the concept of our human fascination and relationship with nature.

Early Sketches from BA3a

Liam Cobb is an illustrator and zine maker I had met at Safari Festival in 2016. His ‘Green Graves’ comic felt a particularly good reference for inspiration. Sections within the comic are totally wordless, an approach I hope to try and retain within my anticipated sequential narrative. I decided to challenge myself to try out a direction towards a sequential ‘comic/graphic novel’ outcome – inspired by my trip to Safari –  my initial title for the project being ‘Bright Light’.

liam cobb
‘Green Graves’ by Liam Cobb

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