Reflection and Design Ideas

When making up some mock up designs, I thought again about how my image could read across – as if you are panning your eye along the horizon and also reading/interpreting the narrative. I began to construct various designs including some particular elements/subjects I felt were key symbols in the poetry’s narrative such as hands, the egg yolk and horizon lines. I again played with inverting colours and drawing inspiration from my research, especially in terms of the minimal compositions of east asian ink wash painting.

messing for print7 screen

I found there was a nice ‘flow’ to the horizontal composition which aided the ‘reading’ of the image and its narrative…

I reflected upon Β the importance of including the ‘full story’ on one spread/image, just as panelled landscapes which capture a whole scene – Do I need to directly illustrate the entire narrative? My interpretation could more simply pick and select particular symbols and extracts from the text…

messing for print5
‘the sky and sea bleed, diluting the colours’
Inspiration from Sophia Weistubb

Perhaps including less in the image will achieve a better outcome – the accumulation of a larger scene with lots of elements (as below) feels almost too forced…

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 14.31.56
β€˜the daughters dipped them us into yolk, like wax that warps and crumples her this paper skin, where families if moths breed’

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