Working towards a FINAL INTO_VERDE

I had been working consistently on other previous projects up until a month prior to submission and so considering  my intense focus and pressure to complete a major project in the remaining time, I can see I have made some good progress towards the development of my INTO_VERDE publication. Its a shame other projects rolled into time I would have needed to finish my publication and I should have perhaps begun the compilation of content earlier. Clearly, it would have been nice to have allowed myself longer for developing and refining, but when it came down to making an outcome that wasn’t rushed, I am pleased I indulged in making the content at the pace it needed. I am a little disappointed to be submitting an unfinalised mock of my publication for this unit assessment, but I realise this is only because I am striving for the best outcome. I am considering applying a repeated method of simplifying and stripping back the content in order to refine and improve the quality of the publication as a whole. A ‘quality over quantity’ to the more finalised outcome – applying minimalism will help streamline the somewhat cluttered elements and hopefully help to the improve my work. This is especially true for particular pages that feel too heavy with image and/or text currently. I intend on being more brutal in my refinement – if things are continuing not to work, perhaps they are not meant to be included. What NEEDS to be included? Only the strongest work should make ‘the cut’. A strength in fewer images will potentially aid my satisfaction in the final outcome.

Ongoing Japanese and Zen aesthetics context will continue to inspire developments or modifications of  my book. I have plans to improve the compositions and contemplative pacing of the publication through adding further drawings and designs inspired by my research. I intend on applying a deeper context through my direct use of drawing with Japanese ink techniques (Ink Wash/Sumi-e Ink Calligraphy/Painting). I feel like this process will really help to add the sense and mood to my publication that I desire.

inspiration sumi-e.png

Ink – Wash Painting with Inkstick

Through doing this I hope to improve the clarity of design and Japanese aesthetic application. In my print method of Risograph and limted use of colour, I hope to also engage an attractive contemporary twist with graphic elements. After making print experiments with the printer and seeing the outcomes, I feel that – although a little problematic – I should ‘stick to my guns’ and intentions to overcome the issues. I am constantly learning and improving and aim to achieve the optimum result – reflecting on my current progress and things I need to change will systematically lead my INTO_VERDE developments towards its more solid final form.

I want to accept the unpredictable and unique nature of the methods within my work that result in constant surprises. I’ve noticed in using digital compilation and printing (through Risograph)  as contributing factors, adds to the DNA of my creative evolution. I continue to pursue an approach that goes against ‘the norm’ and mainstream publishing of printed matter…

INTO_VERDE has the potential for an alternative, self-published journal – unique, textured, perfectly imperfect and created through just my hands.


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