Progress Tutorial 2

My second tutorial encouraged me to really focus my attention on my work for the exhibition show. I was struggling to see a ‘final piece’ solidified from all my ideas and concepts. I felt we had strong themes and I had made good progress through my research and drawings and it was now a pinnacle time to make decisions. I knew I wanted to carry  my work into some form of printed matter and I was shown artwork examples and print methods to consider. I was especially encouraged to try reproducing my work through screenprinting on a larger scale. I found it would be a new challenge to find an appropriate method to still capture the nice texture and colour bleeds within my ink drawings. How could my use of line and texture be used? How could I show my idea of a metaphorical horizon through the play with foreground and background, detail and clarity?

Karis Upton

In terms of a printed publication/zine, I was encouraged to consider the pace of my work and how the pages were designed and how you move through the narrative. How would my work retain a sense of transience? – looking at a concept associated with youth in relation to time, considering the past and future.


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