East Asian Art & Zen Buddhism Inspiration

Sesshu Toyo

Ink Wash Painting Philosophy: ‘In landscape painting the scenes depicted are typically imaginary, or very loose adaptations of actual views. Mountain landscapes are by far the most common, often evoking particular areas traditionally famous for their beauty, from which the artist may have been very distant. Water is very often included.’

I had realised my drawing style was reminiscent of traditional ink wash painting and this got me looking more specifically at other forms of east asian art and especially the presentation of artwork and methods of book-binding…

I realised I could also make connection and take direct influence from this research in the display and compilation of my work. I could hand-bind my potential zine/publication work in a japanese stab-bind method. I could make a fold-out concertina zine inspired by panelled landscape artwork. I could even be ambitious on scale and make my own large printed, fold-out screen…


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