Fluid Digital Experiments//’Yolk’ Drawings & Ink Bleeds

While making more drawings and digital experiments of particular elements from my writer’s poetry (moths, egg yolks & horizons etc), I made realisations upon my increasing inspiration I had been somewhat unconsciously taking from traditional east Asian/oriental artwork practices. I was showing a minimal and calligraphic approach to my work…

xu wei.jpg
Xu Wei

I also made particular realisation of the aesthetic I was creating when making digital inverted experiments such as the one below. The fluid ‘yolk’ mark within the circular shape and areas of inky bleeds looked really beautiful against the dark background. I began to realise how important it was to consider how I was to display artwork including this quality in my more finalised work. My desire to use traditional print methods may mean I have to compromise on this effect, unless I was to change my aims and accept a digital print method. I wanted to avoid this however and so I had to make decisions about where to go with my next responsive work…



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