Badlands – Film Stills Reference & Inspiration



Encouraged to watch ‘coming of age’ movies during my last progress tutorial, I took the time to watch Badlands (1973). It showed a gritty fictional example of youth culture. Relating to my previously referenced  found photographs, a view of youth of a different time was glamorised through its presentation in a movie.

Within the movie, the main characters are erratic and rebellious – the young girl character follows the pressure from her estranged love interest.

I took screenshots of particular stills I liked/reflected something I saw related to my concept, especially moments of young love, tension and discomfort. I noticed some scenes reflected a sense of consciousness and reflection – looking and driving into an empty horizon as they drove across wasteland in a rouge, aimless passion for finding a better life/future. I made drawing directly from these scenes, their composition of a low landscape and expansive sky exaggerating the sense of desolation.


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