Mocks 4 & 5

*Please refer to submitted ‘Mock 4’ & ‘Mock 5’*

mock 4 spreads.png
Mock 4

A more refined mock up was put together with all new calligraphic elements applied to the mantras. I wanted to send off for a printed mock up version for submission as a clearer view and more polished finish. This version (mock 4) was sent for digital printing with pixartprinting to allow for delays and time for binding in my desired method.

Between its arrival, I made some adjustments for Mock 5 – Re-including some of the names of the quoted contributors – Impatient and frustrated to send off a copy for printing I felt happy with, I had removed a few to make cleaner compositions. I am still very undecided on many of the page spreads, but didn’t want to rush into making anymore sudden changes until I saw what the printed result of mock 4 looked and felt like. I had been intensely working upon the designs and felt like a little space to reflect before editing would be more beneficial.

I still feel there is a lot of considerations to be made upon improving my publication over the coming weeks. I can’t see some pages working and I know I want my presented final work at graduate shows to be the best I can make it.


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