Mock 3

*Please note ‘Mock 3’ was not printed and exists purely as a stepping stone*

mock 3 spreads

With this mock up, I set out my full collection of ‘mantras’ over the pages, pairing each with a complimenting illustration/visual. I made decisions on using the images to help ‘chapter’ the publication: the first section featuring a number of hands to introduce the human presence and connection – they reach out and touch the natural elements. As the publication moves along, they are replaced by purely botanical and organic features and more open space. This is all to draw upon the narrative, the reader actively goes into an illustrated and calming natural environment.

In considering pace and balance, I thought about how artwork can exist across and in conjunction as a double page spread. I made rough design decisions based upon what I felt could be successful. I didn’t want to overthink these more minimal designs, sticking to a simplicity that reflected my inspiration from Japanese aesthetics and ‘Zen’ culture. I find that if I spend too long working on singular designs, I can over-complicate. In simplifying each image, I would refrain from ‘overworking’ the images and produce a rough visual for all of my pages at a good pace.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 09.53.46

Completing this mock was a point for me to make an estimate on the total number of pages in my book.


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