‘Jigsaws’ – Jarring GIF Experimentation

Using a similar colour palette to my previous responses to my writer’s poetry, I played around with my ink drawings I had made using my found photograph reference.

Inspired by my ongoing apprciation of Risograph print, I envisioned how these studies could look if I printed them in two-colour, red and blue to make a more purple-ish tone – a nod to the palette visualised through the short poems. I also experimented with the typical imperfect nature of the print method and its accidental mis-alignment by jolting the layers off slightly. This created a sort of ‘glitched’ effect which felt like an interesting take on the feel of the image when paired with the ‘Jigsaws’ poem. I really liked the jarring effect as it felt like it added a discomfort and psychological touch to the image – playing on the feel of the poem based on the struggle of a relationship.

‘when the picture does not change, like us’



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