Curation Team Initial Meetings & View of Dove Street Studios’ Space

decription draft.png
Draft Manifesto for the Ampersand project

Initial discussions within the curation team covered various elements we needed to consider for the end show/Ampersand exhibition at the end of the project. We gave consideration into what areas of the organisation we felt best suited each member’s strengths/practice. For me it was the visual identity/design for print and publication of the show…

After visiting the Dove Street Studios’ space, we were able to make a start on various ideas. We realised the inevitable variety of  the type of work created would create challenges. For example, flat/print work and publications would need a different sort of space to 3D and installation work. We had knowledge of the targets of some work (including our own) and had to consider our options of displaying these forms. We analysed the space available to us and began to envision what type of work could fit where…
– Navigation within the space – leading our audience through our work (spiral stairs – direction of up/down?)
– How do we direct our audience’s vision – do we create levels within our space, or spaces within our space?
– What is our visual identity? – thinking about colour palette (red, grey and white were mentioned)
– How does our work have a life outside of the exhibition space?
– How do we document our event?

– Systems of display for the work
– Maybe we give groups a space to work within between them, rather than allocating 1 space for each person?
– Text consideration – how do we incorporate it? – we need a consistent system for the group to follow to be coherant.
– Find out about possible budget


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