Horizons & Panoramic Crops

In Photoshop, I began to play again with colours and cropping my ‘horizon’ studies to make abstract variations that look like panoramas. In this perspective it accentuates the horizon line and gives more of a trajectory line to follow, as if you are panning your eye across a landscape.



By inverting the image and applying colour hues, my images began to reflect an other-worldly and transient feel. The application of blue to the original drawings on white paper however gives a less moody, more minimalistic and calming aesthetic that I preferred and felt was better suited for the feel of our collaborative work.

I considered both variations working well to address our themes as they both display a dreamy look appreciating the melancholy and romantic reflection of past lives, isolation and reflection.


I also made horizontal crops of other illustrations as experiments. It felt an appropriate thing to play with and related again to the reading across a page. How could I potentially use long cropped images to illustrate the narrative within my writer’s poems? Reading from left to right along a horizon could I directly relate my images to the set of writing.


The inverted experiments below felt very strong in terms of their glowy and transient aesthetic. I wasn’t sure if they looked too ghostly and ‘dark’ for the comment we were wanting to make with our work and poignant subject matter. The more minimal aesthetic of the original, non-inverted versions was further considered better for this application…


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