‘Exit’ Plans following submission // Events in London // New Designers

This particular section of BA3b  has really developed my excitement for creative work and interaction following graduation. I’ve made lots of plans to develop my confidence in approaching and working with new people and this momentum is an aspect I was keen to continue into the summer months and career possibilities. Starting my exploration into networking events last summer, I’m beginning to develop my eye for more events,  areas and individuals I am more keenly interested in as well as becoming more open to totally new routes.

This unit has really pushed me to consider where my practice is located and what potential connections and areas of the industry I could dabble in. Especially leaving uni with a group of talented peers and newly acquired contacts, I can safely say I’m excited for the creative potential for the future with support, collaboration and other professional relationships. This should be instigated with my plans over the next few months to attend Offprint, ELCAF and New Designers where – alongside my degree show – I will be sharing and discussing the potential of my work with new people.

Image result for offprint tateNorwich University of the Arts


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