Sketchbook: ‘the Unknown’

Relationships and peer pressure. Fears for future and a lack of clarity in the distance. How can I illustrate this sense and idea of looking into ‘the unknown’?

I decided to further respond to my writer’s poetry as a collection around our theme of isolation and anxiety in youth. Through my visual experiments I tried to illustrate a blurred mystery for the future and melancholy look back at a previous, but relatable time using reference from my found photos and washy medium of ink.

I made both direct studies of the photographs from my collection and also more gestural mark making experiments in response to textures I imagined within the poems I had been sent. I began especially to experiment with the idea of horizons as a visual metaphor for the future – the horizontal line representing the line of sight into a distance, along a ‘vista’.

I also pictured the marks representing ‘life lines’, the wavers and fluctuations in the quality of the strokes both illustrating a rugged landscape as well as the inevitable ‘ups and downs’ in life…


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