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The f0rm 0f the b00k

To continue coherency within my target and apply my work towards associations with printed matter, I made the decision to create a physical tactile printed portfolio of selected work in addition to my online website portfolio. The decisions for the imagery and order to the work was carefully considered to both show an accurate representation of my achievements, skills and overall running aesthetic. I thought about my work as a ‘body’ and made edits and adjustments based on what felt fitting and complimented/contrasted in a good way. I also recognised the start and finish to a sequence of pages in the portfolio were points to present my strongest work. How do I want to be remembered? My illustrative ‘style’ and voice is in its infancy, but in the preparation of this format in a touchable form I was able to see the work in a more ‘complete’ format.

Its Nice That Portfolio Tips

I will always hold a passionate connection to work in print and so this felt an important element and outcome to present. My choice of print method and ‘ephemeral’ nature to this experiment was also treated deliberately to suggest my ongoing influences of alternative and DIY print and self-publishing. Using Newspaper Club as the facilitator of my print, I was able to have the option of compiling the loose pages in a different order or removing some as poster-like pages. I could have the option to hand-bind and potentially add a cover – further engaging in a handmade and unique presentation which reflected upon my influences and interests. The results in printing with Newspaper Club were hard to predict, being my first time printing with them – upon receiving my order, I realised it was possibly not the best application. Some of the images lost quality and contrast through the print process. For this reason, I wouldn’t be happy to present this to potential employers. Despite this, I thought it was worth giving it a test – the results were mixed and I appreciated the slightly different mode of publication and my intentions for making something a little different and ‘in context’. It was part of my intention to see how my imagery was reproduced using this format with a certain ink and paper type, just to see how it differed or added anything new. I considered how I could potentially recreate the loose broadsheet effect with better print quality through simply printing an un-bound/un-stapled saddle-stitched booklet. A newspaper can feel overly large and ungainly and perhaps wouldn’t be suited to showing/sending to potential employers anyway. I am happy with my critical considerations for the design of this portfolio experiment however. Please find a PDF version below:

> PRINT Portfolio for Newspaper Club <<

In reflection of my outcome using Newspaper Club, I hope to engage in printing my work in a physical portfolio with a better format for my future professional career development. This is something I am targetting towards completing for the appropriate time of  upcoming graduate shows.

The printing of my final artworks for graduate shows and business cards was a strict decision I placed upon myself – a target for this final year at university had always been to explore the possibilities of print within the context of my work and especially the Risograph print method. This is something I anticipate continuing through seeking out workshops and other opportunities to work with the hands-on print processes and build upon my knowledge and existing experience with new and existing friends and lovers of print.

Hato Press workshops, Rabbits Road Press Open-Access, Rope Press workshopsDizzy Ink Riso workshops, Print Club London workshops

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