CHAPTER 89. // Online Magazine Feature

Chapter 89. is an online magazine composed of various interviews showcasing contemporary, as well as up and coming artists. The magazine strives to understand and get to know the artist on a more personal level done through an organic interview process that takes a journal entry approach, in order to try and understand their creative process better. Through the exhibition & preservation of these interviews, CHAPTER89 Magazine will serve as both a platform & an archive to acknowledge some of the artists who play a role in our society today.’

I was flattered to receive an email from Ivanna, the editor/creator of Chapter 89. seeing as she is based over in Maryland, U.S. It was really encouraging to see she had somehow comes across my website and found my new email address. In completing her interview, it really got me to further consider how I talk about my work and practice and open up about what I want to share, what my goals are and my inspiration.

You can find my interview published on CHAPTER 89 Vol. 2 No. 6 >>HERE<<

chapter 89 feature.png



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