Event/Meet Pt.2 – Horizons

Inspired by our exchange of conversation and imagery, my writer sent me a series of ‘draft’ poems. It was clear our minds both worked in a visual way and her interpretation was encouraging. Despite her varied length in the poems, I found myself drawn to particular quotes and verses which referred to our theme in a new, abstract and emotive way. Below are the initial responses I made to some particular examples of her writing where I began to pick apart the text and make visual responses in the same ink medium as before.

These particular examples found connection to our discussions on isolation in youth and also picked up on some new ideas. The last poem especially (‘World Map’) noted a relation to some of our shared reading by Rebecca Solnit – A blurring of horizons and unpredictability of future – The writing by my collaborator produced an image in my head of horizons, bleeding gradients, night, dawn & deep colours of blue, purple and red. Solnit describes a similar colour connection to solitude & distance.

‘A Field Guide to Getting Lost’ by Rebecca Solnit

My collaborator’s poetic responses felt like a poignant joining of our discussion on pressure in youth and a sort of spiritual development we undergo – They feel like a reflection on life as having a location and being a journey through a landscape. There was a connection here to my very initial ideas on enlightenment and pilgrimage. Through the series of poems you can gain a theme & narrative of emotional isolation & looking into a metaphorical horizon.

“…there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new different sun” – Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer

The two short poems below were directly inspired by my ink drawing responses to the ‘Wasted‘ piece of writing my collaborator initially sent me.

‘Spilt Ink’ & ‘Jigsaws’ by Ella Rowden

I found particular interest in the second of the poems due to it describing a powerful commentary on a struggling relationship. This felt like an important topic to consider as part of the project, relationships typically forming a significant element to our young lives – they are supposedly one of our greatest woes: VICE article: What Young People Fear the Most.

I especially visualised this very emotive poem, particularly in terms of its recognition of the hand – a previously discussed subject and detail displaying ‘touching’ gestures and interaction. The hand felt like both a physical and metaphorical manifestation of a relationship – they can say a lot in their position. It got me thinking again about how the movement and interaction of hands can speak a language and convey emotion without the rest of the human form…


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