Keeping Momentum // Emails sent over Easter Break to make some initial contact

My biggest fear after I graduate is to lose my creative setting and exciting buzz that surrounds a studio and so I decided to contact those which could potentially offer me an opportunity to work alongside them in an active environment. To stay active and in the areas of the industry I have considered exploring, I made contact with various print studios including Heretic, Jealous (both London), MESH (Brighton) and WeThreeClub (Cambridge) – these particularly specialise in Screenprinting. I also dropped emails to creative collective studios including DAY JOB and Camino Studio as well as individual artists/illustrators I admire and see a similar approach to work (some within DAY JOB) including Grace Helmer, Katie Johnston, Miriam Elgon and Eve Lloyd Knight. I catered each email to be more personal to each recipient by researching into their practice and making genuine comparison and requests for advice and possibility of getting experience with them.

I got some positive engagement from the responses I got including:

  • discussing a print internship in summer at Jealous Print with the studio manager Adam Bridgland when he visits Norwich for upcoming events.
  • Future studio assistance/visit to MESH over summer
  • Collaboration proposal possibility with Mar Rubio
  • Advice and consideration for workshop assistance from Katie Johnston – she also invited me to meet the DAY JOB collective at ELCAF
  • Contact with Grace Helmer – encouragement and meet-up plans in motion – she invited me to see the DAY JOB studio space too

I have also made potential Risograph collaboration plans with 2016 illustration graduate Joshua Windsor.

On an alternative, publishing side to ‘print’, I also made contact with the CEO of People of Print, Marcroy Smith and have made plans to meet him to talk about potential experience with the company. I have plans to visit Offprint at the TATE again this year to get an opportunity to network with independent publishing presses and businesses. I particularly want to introduce myself to Pete/Alice from Studio Operative who will have a stand again this year where I hope to get a copy of the upcoming Limner 5 and speak to them about any potentiality of me getting involved in the future.

Finally, I also made some direct submission emails to magazines I felt my work could be applied into including Gardens Illustrated, Another Escape and the indie mag co-ordinated by ex-NUA students, Tales.


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