Examples of Catered PDF Portfolio Examples

A few variations of selected work from my portfolio – catered for sending to various people I am emailing as attachments…

karina-sawyer-illustration-portfolio-gardens-illustrated-submission < Gardens Illustrated Magazine

karina-sawyer-illustration-portfolio-heretic-submission < Heretic/Spectral Nation (Print Studio)

karina-sawyer-illustration-portfolio-jealous-submission < Jealous (Print Studio)

karina-sawyer-illustration-portfolio-studio-operative-limner-submission < Studio Operative/Limner Journal

karina-sawyer-illustration-portfolio-tales-submission < Tales Magazine

karina-sawyer-illustration-portfolio-another-escape-submission <Another Escape Magazine

email to katie johnston.png
Email sent to Katie Johnston (of DAY JOB & Pause Studio)

Prior to making these altered/catered PDF versions, I had begun to contact a few individual artists/illustrators and attach my work directly as JPEG files (as above). I certainly understand now that sending a PDF is far easier for transferring a simple preview of my work rather than any large resolution images the recipient may not want to download to look at.


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