Concept Development from Version 0.1 (BA3a) // 2016-2017 // PROJECT PROPOSAL

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 14.43.14
INTO_VERDE 0.1 (BA3a), 2016

I am hoping to create a physical publication (the INTO_VERDE Journal) that sends a message, acts as an escape, a temporary seclusion and a self-indulgent read. I want my work to communicate (through predominantly visual language/minimal text description) as quiet meditation and teach understanding of the pleasure in solitude.

INTO_VERDE is an independent journal

celebrating the introvert & pleasure in solitude.

encouraging our human desire to escape, the publication gives an opportunity to disconnect and – in turn – reconnect to nature

Following my Ampersand  and The Light They Obtain projects, I had developed my concept of a more ‘spiritual’ introverted connection to nature and gained a new aesthetic inspiration – the visual Ink Wash art of Japan and Zen Calligraphy. I felt inspired by the concepts within Japanese aesthetics and calligraphy such as ‘Wabi-sabi‘, an acceptance of imperfection and Bokuseki, meaning ‘ink trace’ and and term referring to reflection and spontaneous action. Some unused drawings I had made throughout these projects felt like they could be applied into the development towards the creation of INTO_VERDE, especially those showing influences of ‘zen’ and a more sensitive visuals of nature.

I began to consider ideas of strengthening my concept’s connection to a mindfull, contemplative and deeper, inner relationship we have to solitude and connecting to our simpler, raw surroundings of the natural world. I began to read into the psychology and Buddhism through the work of Carl Jung, such as his book Psychology and the East. He is noted for concepts surrounding introversion/extroversion.

In reflection of my research, my anticipated composition of my visual page spreads would retain a minimal aesthetic with considered negative space – an aspect already appropriately shown in my practice.

; Hasegawa Tōhaku

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