Event/Meet Pt.1: ‘Wasted’

Through conversation before and after our first face-to-face meeting, my collaborator and I had made particular connection on our personal experiences of the pressures of youth. We began to relate on the lack of self-belief and self-hope many young people develop. The view of the future has always been exciting and terrifying and we are forced to ‘grow up’ while not knowing what is coming. We discussed the unpredictability, loneliness and the emotional fluctuations that occur throughout our young lives and felt inspired to create work reflecting this realisation. My ‘solitude’ theme within my personal work felt related to this isolation we feel in youth. Our first ‘meeting’ of ‘character’ became a more metaphorical converging of ideas and shared concepts, sharing particular books and authors, opinions and experiences.

wasted‘ << Following our meeting in person, my collaborator made work in response to our conversations. Again from a first person – and therefore more personal – viewpoint, she wrote about a situation surrounding themes of separation, exclusion and discomfort in youth culture. I made visual responses to her writing, especially referring to the warped sense of reality (due to the character being intoxicated), colours and setting.

Short Prose ‘Wasted’ by Ella Rowden
Warped Scan (movement during scanning process)

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