Solitude // Introversion // Nature

Drawing with Digital Colour Experiments

I’ve had various ideas for research and exploration in terms of my theme… How can I show the connection between Introversion and Nature?

  • Extending upon my reference material for AIMTP Zine
  • Extending upon my Dartmoor reference photos and drawing experiments
  • More field-trip/location based research – similar to my trip to West Runton
  • Reading on theme
  • Magazine exploration – National Geographic
  • Using Life Drawing – a nude within a natural setting, showing comfort, happiness and solitary relaxation
  • Poll/Questionnaire – Could I ask what people do to relax on their own and illustrate this in a natural context? – suggesting introversion/’me time’ within a situation
  • Film/Music/Culture
  • Writing by my Ampersand collaborator, Ella – this could inspire my image creation and form content for text elements of a publication
  • Extending upon East Asian Art and spiritual exploration from Ampersand & The Light They Obtain projects

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