Creation of Website // Portfolio Considerations

While in the process of reflecting upon my work for creating a website portfolio I made the realisation of my varied work, and it really hit me hard – how do I present my visual? What IS my visual? Do I have a style? Medium? Running theme?

This identity crisis within my working practice really set me back for a bit, I constantly doubted the ‘me’ in my work – I was confusing myself about what was the ‘good’ illustration work, and what I personally liked/was proud of. Repositioning my work into the format of an online platform forced me to consider who would be looking at it – I had to consider what applies to my audience. It is always difficult to say who will come across your website, especially considering I have been extending my ideas and plans for outside typical illustration.Β I felt I needed my website to reflect more of my diversity…

portfolio file screen shot

After much debate in my head, I finally found confidence through both talking to peers and other artists I had emailed. I was glad to see people enjoyed my work and could see something within it that WAS coherent. I realised that its totally okay and normal for an illustrator/artist to take on different mediums, styles and approaches to making their work – having a set style might be important but not necessarily something to worry about too much. An aesthetic coherency is seen in much of my work – a similar use of medium (especially recently with ink), texture application and subtle layering. I used my Instagram platform as a way to see a ‘moodboard’ of what I share and what I show as my illustrative approach…

instagram reflection
Instagram Reflection

Throughout my time at uni, I have developed my creative applications but also retained my strength and inclusion of drawings. It felt important when putting together my website, that I show the best representation of my current work, up-to-date evidence of my skillset and current tenacity and durability with my approach. My website was created to show more of the breadth of my work while also avoiding looking too sporadic and scattered. It’s still a work very much in progress but I wanted to keep it uncomplicated and clear…

>> <<<

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.08.44.png


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