Draft Email to Heretic // Spectral Nation

HERETIC // Spectral Nation Website

Mr Perswall

Hi All @ Heretic,

What can I say, I’ve just been drooling over your website and had to drop you an email! Both Heretic Studio and Spectral Nation look incredible. I realise Heretic and Spectral Nation are both perhaps just one element of your creative project work as individuals too, I’ve explored the convergence of illustration, visuals and graphic design in print within your practice.
I’m an illustration student at Norwich University of the Arts, coming towards the end of my time studying and looking for people to get in contact with to stay creative and get involved. I’ve become a real enthusiast for printed matter, both in its pure artwork form and as publications. I’ve spent much of my final year research and practical work exploring the radical attitude against digital and screen-based creative media. The industry is constantly shifting and developing and I can’t help but have a love/hate relationship with the direction much of it is taking towards technology, online and virtual platforms. It is the physical, tactile and traditional processes of print  and work on paper that I feel immensely passionate about.
There’s a lot I’ve learnt already in my explorations in print; accepting imperfections, allowing instinct and unconscious decisions to make an exciting outcome. I’m really connecting to the spontaneity, texture and pleasantly unexpected outcomes you can achieve through the process – clearly things you guys implement through your projects. Your ethos and experimental approach is something I’ve personally considered developing in my own work in screen-print layering. I have a real passion to also implement this into my own explorations with the more digital processed print method of Risograph. I have been making both single large print-work and publications using methods combining print methods in a layered and collaged process.
Finding myself super encouraged by your work, I was interested to see if there was potential opportunity chat to you about any experience or advice I could gain from you. I’m really interested in developing my direction towards a more graphic and design-based application. I understand, as a small collective, you perhaps may not need a studio assistant/printern, but I am keen to show my interest in working with you – perhaps even as a collaboration. I would purely love the opportunity to make a visit to your studio, get inky and gain some more perspective on what you do. I will be graduating in July, so any summer projects of yours would be a great to connect with.
I’m currently working upon my portfolio & website which you can see its early stages here. I’ve also attached a few examples of my illustration and publications specifically for you to look at if you were curious. I’d appreciate any feedback and be super grateful for any recommendations of others I could potentially contact too.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I’ll look forward to hearing anything back from you. Keep up the awesome stuff!
Kindest Regards,
Karina Sawyer

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