General Proposal Plans for BA3b // Print & Publication


My main aim in this unit project is to produce a set of self- initiated and self-made books/zines and printwork, influenced by my research into amateur publishing and printed matter (already completed with outcomes for both Ampersand and The Light They Obtain)

I have found, through both practical and critical research, a love of all things INK & PAPER including publications and printmaking methods, both traditional and contemporary.

I have found a real community and passion for PRINT MATTER in all its physical forms, enduring even when in competition with digital media and artwork.

‘There was always something very appealing about the gritty, raw, tactile graphics of real ink on real paper.” 

Berger, J., Foreword. In: Williamson, C. (2013) LowTech Print. London: Laurence King. pp.4

“With digital print-production techniques dominating the design world, digital technology is now part of the DNA of printmaking evolution. The computer has becoming simply another tool in the printmaker’s proverbial tool belt…”

“For me, its the low-tech and textural nature of printmaking that has lead me to fall in love with these disciplines… not simply settling for what has become ‘the norm’ of a purely digitally printed product.”

Williamson, C., Introduction In: Williamson, C. (2013) LowTech Print. London: Laurence King. pp.5

Reflecting on the knowledge gained within the research for my report, I want to use my illustration and self-publication (of zines/similar) as a vessel for my message.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 14.44.00
INTO_VERDE 0.1 page spread from BA3a

The INTO_VERDE Journal will have a focus on introversion and human association with nature. I want to send a message that INTROVERSION IS NOT A WEAKNESS…

I am hoping to create a physical publication that send a message, act as an escape, a temporary seclusion and a self-indulgent read. I want my work to communicate – with limited textual explanation and predominantly with my use of imagery and visuals – as quiet meditation and teach understanding.

The function of a zine through illustration enables/creates a

Purpose // Message // Public

Throughout the project, I hope to implement research through practical experimentation and observational studies and also develop upon existing concepts explored through the first sections of this unit in Ampersand and The Light They Obtain. I want my work to appeal to and affect as many people as possible while retaining my more subtle style. I intend on adding more colour and graphic elements to my work, also drawing upon modes of design for publishing. I hope to be ambitious and challenge myself to be the sole creator of a graphic, visual journal.

For the visual content of my publication, I want to be more ambitious in my scale and abstraction of drawing and digital manipulation, making clear reflection on my ever-growing interest and research into East Asian Art and Zen Calligraphy. I pictured a ‘collaged’ and layered interplay of text and image surrounding my theme – through each page, a new layer of meaning and narrative could unfold.

full palms
Large, Mixed Media Drawing from BA3a – Used Within my final published outcome: AIMTP Zine

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