Initial Ideas following Primary Briefings

Following the initial briefings, I made plans for the first prompt of the project involving the creation of a ‘character’. Starting together from scratch enabled my collaborator and I to exchange ideas with freedom. We used our initial interaction as a time to get a feel for each other in terms of what we enjoyed creating and any shared interest. We felt it was important to gain a mutual understanding in order for a more positive approach development of our work together.
Through explaining some of my existing work to my collaborator, she was able to get a clearer view and inspiration for her writing. Luckily we shared a lot in common and this process was an easy one. I learnt more about the inspiration behind much of her work and her often personal reflection and experience that appears in her writing felt intimately connected.
In terms of the first prompt, I shared my ‘character’ element with collaborator relating to my developing ideas in my personal work: themes of solitude and a connection to nature. I had begun some more research into the human relationship with the natural world considering spirituality, especially that of buddhist teachings of pilgrimage and enlightenment. I was drawing upon an interest in engagement and internal reflection.

My first visual outputs of found and made images included collages and drawings to touch upon my themes and concept. I tried to avoid depicting a ‘character’ in a traditional sense and instead suggest features and details of a figure. I found a particular emphasis on details of a figure such as feet and hands as they are emotive and suggest a gesture or movement, journey or place.

Through explaining my ideas and creation of an anonymous ‘character’ with my collaborator, we began to make conversation about how illustrators and writers can work together to create a character the reader can picture in their mind. I personally love to draw figures and portraits but felt ‘character design’ did not appeal to me and instead a more intimate connection to the reader/viewer of the collaborative work would potentially be better achieved through their own generation of ‘a character’ in their own mind. We reflected together on the idea of emotion, gesture and storytelling through the figurative elements such as hands, there was something more profound and ambiguous there…



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