Big Fish® Mock Internship Application

Big Fish® – A Mock Application due to:

  • Placements are usually for one or two weeks (not sure if it is worth it?)
  • It won’t necessarily get me a job with them
  • I need to live within 45 mins of SW10 0QJ to be considered

Portfolio of Catered Work (colourful and illustrative, design interaction concepts could be applied to branding)karina-sawyer-illustration-portfolio-big-fish-submission

If you could work on any brand or client in the world, which would it be and why?

Glastonbury Festival  – World-famous and long-running, standing for a vast variety of charities and ethos I support.  It means a great deal to be supportive of a client with a sustainable background, Glastonbury’s predominant charities Greenpeace, Oxfam and Water Aid, are obvious examples of the positive impact and influence the festival has each year. The multi-arts festival is a totally unique experience and its colourful and immense variety of culture is incredibly inspiring and an understandably exciting opportunity to gain attention  and attract the eyes.


Why do you want to work at Big Fish®?

An avid appreciator of healthy food, Big Fish® clearly has just a few examples of brand clients I would revel in working for. I feel especially excited about your work promoting UK and plant-based brands such as your video for Tideford Organics, Whole Earth and 9bar. It is also the inspiring approach to design and illustration within the company which draws a lot of my attention and I really enjoyed and connected to reading your descriptions within your Recent Work. I am enthusiastic about adding excitement to a brand through the creation of a visual identity and I often see my approach paired with a strong basis of research and contextualisation. The background to a brand informs the basis of many creative ideas at Big Fish®, the portfolio example of your work for Tsuki Mochi really struck a chord with me, interpreting the Japanese origin at the same time as reading into how to deliver the visuals to a modern audience.

Portfolio Item
Tsuki Mochi design example

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