‘Exit’ Task 1: Potential Contacts Ideas Lists // Printed Matter

Hato Press


Following upon my increasing desire to work more with printed matter, my main consideration for post-graduation is to find an internship/job placement/practice assistant position within associated creative studios. Within Norwich there are a few collectives and print companies I could get involved with, both with traditional printmaking techniques and in more digital and publishing driven areas.

I know the key members of these groups quite well and feel confident in approaching them for future possible work, experience and learning. I have also thought about contacting the more technical design and print for publishing companies within the city such as Page Bros & Art Angels publishing. I feel I have appropriate skills to apply to various possible areas within this industry – both in terms of the design and preparation for printing and the hands on printing process itself. I am especially keen to develop my practice and experience in the more tactile forms of print such as Screen-Print and Risograph. They share similar preparation methods for stencils and I have pre-existing experience with this already. I’d love to devleop my knowledge to progress my creative career towards an area I feel I have detailed – but nowhere near expertise – within. I could hopefully gain more competence as a more specialised artist/designer while creating my own freelance work for portfolio and commissioned work.

Looking further afield, there are various other people/companies involved in my BA3 research and practice I could get in contact with also…

  • Counterpoint Magazine (Edinburgh)
  • Good Press (Glasgow)
  • Risotto Studio (Risograph Print in Glasgow)
  • Ben Gore (of Blue Monday Press – Brighton)
  • Hugh Frost (of Landfill Editions/Site Office – Nottingham)
  • Dizzy Ink (Risograph Print in Nottingham)
  • Nottingham School of Print (Workshops/Open Access Scree-Printing in Notts)
  • Textbook Studio (Design Studio in Salford/Manchester)
  • Avery Hill Publishing (Publisher in London)
  • Hato Press (Risograph Print in London)
  • Druk (Ditto) Press (Risograph Print in London)
  • Studio Operative (Publisher in London)
  • Otto Press (Risograph Print in London)
  • Crumb Cabin (Risograph Print in London)
  • Print Club London
  • People of Print (Team Publishers and Promoters of printed matter, based in London)
  • Rope Press (Risograph Print/Publisher in Birmingham)

Publishing Directories: PublishingDIR2015


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