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‘Exit’ Task 1: Potential Contacts Ideas Lists // Printed Matter

Hato Press

Following upon my increasing desire to work more with printed matter, my main consideration for post-graduation is to find an internship/job placement/practice assistant position within associated creative studios. Within Norwich there are a few collectives and print companies I could get involved with, both with traditional printmaking techniques and in more digital and publishing driven areas.

I know the key members of these groups quite well and feel confident in approaching them for future possible work, experience and learning. I have also thought about contacting the more technical design and print for publishing companies within the city such as Page Bros & Art Angels publishing. I feel I have appropriate skills to apply to various possible areas within this industry – both in terms of the design and preparation for printing and the hands on printing process itself. I am especially keen to develop my practice and experience in the more tactile forms of print such as Screen-Print and Risograph. They share similar preparation methods for stencils and I have pre-existing experience with this already. I’d love to devleop my knowledge to progress my creative career towards an area I feel I have detailed – but nowhere near expertise – within. I could hopefully gain more competence as a more specialised artist/designer while creating my own freelance work for portfolio and commissioned work.

Looking further afield, there are various other people/companies involved in my BA3 research and practice I could get in contact with also…

  • Counterpoint Magazine (Edinburgh)
  • Good Press (Glasgow)
  • Risotto Studio (Risograph Print in Glasgow)
  • Ben Gore (of Blue Monday Press – Brighton)
  • Hugh Frost (of Landfill Editions/Site Office – Nottingham)
  • Dizzy Ink (Risograph Print in Nottingham)
  • Nottingham School of Print (Workshops/Open Access Scree-Printing in Notts)
  • Textbook Studio (Design Studio in Salford/Manchester)
  • Avery Hill Publishing (Publisher in London)
  • Hato Press (Risograph Print in London)
  • Druk (Ditto) Press (Risograph Print in London)
  • Studio Operative (Publisher in London)
  • Otto Press (Risograph Print in London)
  • Crumb Cabin (Risograph Print in London)
  • Print Club London
  • People of Print (Team Publishers and Promoters of printed matter, based in London)
  • Rope Press (Risograph Print/Publisher in Birmingham)

Publishing Directories: PublishingDIR2015

Potential Contacts Ideas List // Illustration Agencies & Artists


Dutch Uncle (London)

Heart (London)

The Artworks (London)

Scriberia (London)

Handsome Frank (Cambridge)



Selected based upon knowledge of previously taking on interns and as illustrators with a visual connection/style I admire and show similarity in my own practice…

Owen Gildersleeve (London)

Toby Triumph/ Jack Hudson (London)

Mar Rubio

Katie Jones-Barlow

Marcia Mihotich

Gabby Walker

Eleanor Taylor

Joyce Pfeifer

Harriet Lee-Merion

Big Fish® Mock Internship Application

Big Fish® – A Mock Application due to:

  • Placements are usually for one or two weeks (not sure if it is worth it?)
  • It won’t necessarily get me a job with them
  • I need to live within 45 mins of SW10 0QJ to be considered

Portfolio of Catered Work (colourful and illustrative, design interaction concepts could be applied to branding)karina-sawyer-illustration-portfolio-big-fish-submission

If you could work on any brand or client in the world, which would it be and why?

Glastonbury Festival  – World-famous and long-running, standing for a vast variety of charities and ethos I support.  It means a great deal to be supportive of a client with a sustainable background, Glastonbury’s predominant charities Greenpeace, Oxfam and Water Aid, are obvious examples of the positive impact and influence the festival has each year. The multi-arts festival is a totally unique experience and its colourful and immense variety of culture is incredibly inspiring and an understandably exciting opportunity to gain attention  and attract the eyes.


Why do you want to work at Big Fish®?

An avid appreciator of healthy food, Big Fish® clearly has just a few examples of brand clients I would revel in working for. I feel especially excited about your work promoting UK and plant-based brands such as your video for Tideford Organics, Whole Earth and 9bar. It is also the inspiring approach to design and illustration within the company which draws a lot of my attention and I really enjoyed and connected to reading your descriptions within your Recent Work. I am enthusiastic about adding excitement to a brand through the creation of a visual identity and I often see my approach paired with a strong basis of research and contextualisation. The background to a brand informs the basis of many creative ideas at Big Fish®, the portfolio example of your work for Tsuki Mochi really struck a chord with me, interpreting the Japanese origin at the same time as reading into how to deliver the visuals to a modern audience.

Portfolio Item
Tsuki Mochi design example

Creative CV // Rough Template & Considered Unique Design


Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Printmaker

I am a multi-media image-maker with a curious mind looking to apply myself. An avid enthusiast of all things PRINT and INK related, whether it be sleek and graphic or gritty and ephemeral. I enjoy creating compositions through a process of conceptualisation and re-interpetation. The results, a considered interplay of simplicity and texture.

Curious? Contact me

Instagram/Twitter: @bokuseki_k // @kari6skipper


Mobile: 07411202183

  • Education

Currently working in Norwich, with recent completion of a BA(Hons) in Illustration from Norwich University of the Arts (2014-2017) – Collaborative experience, further experience with Adobe & Wacom Tablet and Printmaking preparation and engagement in a variety of techniques.

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design with Visual Communication from Cambridge Regional College (2013-2014) – Experience gained in Adobe Photoshop and basic Illustrator for digital manipulation, re-touching and collage.

A-Levels including Art & Design and Photography from Comberton Sixth Form College (2011-2013) & GCSEs from Comberton Village College achieving A*-B (2006-2011)

  • Relevant Experience

Volunteering at ON PAPER festival (October 2016) – Hands-on involvement with negotiation of event, its set up/take down, corresponding promotional work with public and social media space, curation and invigilation of pop-up exhibition & direct responsibility of trading artwork with public.

Curation and Visual Identity Team Member for Group Exhibition ‘Ampersand’ (March 2017) – negotiation and strict consideration of assigning exhibition space for a large group of diverse practitioners to show work. Visual identity included input into the promotional and print production work for accompanying poster/flyer. Responsible for quick, considered decisions and direction under pressures of deadlines, devising solutions to creative problems.

Visual Identity and Design for Illustration Graduate Show Publication 2017 (Norwich University of the Arts) – Working within a small team alongside the Graduate Show Curation Team to generate a cohesive design to represent our degree course. Considering design and print production, logistics of budget and implementation of logical, clear and honest communication of our BA Illustration collective within a pressures of deadlines and multiple task responsibility.

My part-time work (in the service industry) implemented my passion for independent businesses and delivering a quality service to reflect well upon a cooperative team. I am someone who motivates and is motivated by others. Collaboration and studio ethos are well-suited but due to a determination to succeed and to deliver impressive results under pressure, I also feel competent in solo work.

  • Traits/Interests /Attitude

I have a keen eye for detail and approach all my work with an intensity and organised precision that does nothing to restrict my easy-going personality. I love to find the beauty in the imperfect and am constantly inspired by the past and nature. I relish being active and travelling with a sketchbook and camera in-hand, but also enjoy spending time with my collection of books, comics & zines.

  • Expertise, Skills and Knowledge. My choice of medium often allows spontaneous action and excitement to my approach, whether that be bleeds within my ink drawings or digital manipulation effects (Software & Technical Specialism – visually rate knowledge – basic, average, expert)

Digital/Adobe Software: Particular Strengths in Design, Manipulation and Layer Effects

Photoshop – Average/Expert

InDesign (particularly booklets) – Average

Illustrator – Basic

Literate on various social media platforms

Practical Skills: Mixed media with a particular Strength in drawing, collage and printmaking

Screenprint – Average

Risograph – Average

  • References (Optional)

Be relevant to the industry or organisation you are targeting. • Highlight your creative and transferable skills. • Demonstrate a proven record of having the key skills needed for the job. • Show your expertise and experience(s) • Have visual Impact. • Reflect your unique skills and expertise.